Making SEO Friendly Website

Making SEO Friendly Website

The World Wide Web is giant size library on the internet. It consists of information on almost any type of subject that are of interest to the people at large. It is so big that there are now endless number of web sites and pages. If you have a website hosted on the internet, you would certainly wish that it is seen and viewed by more and more number of people. You would wish to increase the popularity of your site.

But there are also other websites just like yours that people can have access to. So how to rank high in major search engine rankings like Google, MSN and Yahoo.

The solution looks easy but in reality it is not so. To get a top position in search engines results, your website must have web traffic or internet traffic. But how this can be achieved? Well this technique is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The internet experts use this technique to drive traffic to any kind of website or blog so that that the chances of a website to be visited by prospective customers is greater.

To use Search Engine Optimization to get on the top of the list of search engines results, quite a few effective methods can be applied.

An algorithm is used by the search engines to give priority to the keywords selected when a user on the internet finds something. The algorithm is a procedure set for transporting mathematical equations to come out with some output. It is now a belief that there are about 200 factors required to create more traffic to a website. Only the search engine creators know how this technique works. However, let us discuss certain things that support Search Engine Optimization.


Title Tag

The title tags of the Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) page have a title tag. It contains the information about the topic of your website. The search engine spiders read this information and are used to prioritize keywords. Therefore, using the keywords in the title tag, in the heading, subheadings, and body of an HTML page is of great importance.


Heading Tag

The H1 heading tag should have the heading of the page. The title tag should clearly relate to the main heading of the page.



In SEO using the right keywords for your web page is important. The keywords are used with the purpose of catching attention of search engine spiders, to improve the internet traffic. Many books are also available that teaches and provides detailed information in detail for using keywords in the right manner.

These are the 3 main techniques you can apply for Search Engine Optimization. It is already clear that there are more than 200 things to keep in mind to optimize your web page. The knowledge of using title tags, heading tags, and keywords is the right way to begin to achieve high in the top 10 listings of search engines results. There are many search engine optimization services available. Remember, your website designing should be SEO friendly.

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