Failed Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool

Failed Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool

After getting the unsuccessful drive to existence, like a file recovery professional, you realize now you have to recover the broken file system by utilizing file system recovery software and perhaps you realize also you have to perform a disk imaging to be able to work from a precise, stable hard disk image.

Regrettably, traditional disk imaging tools and techniques are equipped for and focus on good HDDs only, not the individual HDDs which are unstable or inaccessible due to media defects and instable mind, that are common challenges of Stage 2 used. Much more, with individuals traditional imaging tools, time involved and also the regular user-level repeated-read accessibility media bring a danger of harmful the disk and mind, making data lost irretrievable.

However there's an easy method: The disk probing equipment incorporated within the Data Compass suite skipping the disk-level problems for example multiple bad industries, broken surfaces, deterioration mind set up, or corrupted servo info, Meanwhile you should use the default software or other defined software you've been acquainted with (R-studio, Winhex, any) to do recovery. With the Data Compass, problem drives will end up intact hard disk drives and prepared for recovery attempts..

So what can Data Compass do?

File recovery from physically broken HDDs is exactly what Data Compass created for.

* File recovery from HDDs with severe multiple BAD industries, which appear due to platter surface scratch or malfunction or instability from the magnetic mind set up (MHA).

* File recovery from HDDs that begin to produce "clicking" sounds, which might be triggered by corruption of sector servo labels or perhaps a MHA malfunction. If some heads or surfaces are broken it's possible (before installing of MHA alternative) to produce a copy of information while using remaining good surfaces or drive heads.

* Accessibility to tools for logical analysis of Body fat and NTFS file systems within the software complex enables file recovery in the event, whenever a drive is functional and just logical data structure is corrupted.

* When combined with deterioration drives, Data Compass complex frequently enables selective extraction of information essential to your clients without reading through all data from the drive ("recover data by file" without developing a complete disk image) saving considerable time. In some instances, when drive malfunctions cause constant self-damage (like scratches on disks or instable MHA) fundamental essentials only means to do this task. Using the ShadowDisk technology adopted, customers do not need to to bother with the drive degradation problem.

Popular features of Data Compass

* Comprehensive support. Data Compass creates all drives of various producers with PATA and SATA connects. Including 3.5", 2.5", 1.8", etc..

** The initial interface built-in Data Compass is 3.5" PATA, drives with other kinds of interaces should be linked to Data Compass via plugs provided.

* With enhanced formula and browse protocol, Data Compass has the capacity to retrieve bad industries which are partly corrupted and can't be cloned/ imaged by other tools available, stopping the read attempt from being stuck and unresponsive.

* Auto soft totally reset, auto hard totally reset and auto energy totally reset, totally three types of techniques are utilized to instantly totally reset/reboot drives that become unresponsive because of media scratch in continue imaging process, so you don't have to stand around watching and waiting for the whole system to become restarted.

* Skipping BIOS or OS which prevents you against being able to access corrupted data, Data Compass provides you with use of all available data, negative and positive. You can also define to see user data only or specific files.

* Developed Disk Image Technique - ShadowDisk, which images the sphere physically in the defective drive to some functioning drive simultaneously because the sector has been asked for instantly. To ensure that each sector being asked for will first be imaged to some good drive, and so the read/write request is going to be forwarded to the look disk. You don't have to spend plenty of time to create a picture, but really you're focusing on a picture.

* Data Compass switches into UDMA100 transmit protocol to lessen time it requires to image a disk with bad industries, that is a minimum of 30% quicker than every other imaging tools available elsewhere.what our clients say?

* Striving at individuals drives that have media defects within the SA, that is being undetected within the BIOS (to date no tool on the planet can deal with this type of problem), Data Compass bypasses the SA boot failure, after which by reading through just the key modules for example P-List in the SA to gain access to the consumer data area directly for file recovery.

** This Particular Service Area Emulation Option now creates Hitachi family drives with ATA and SATA connects only, free upgrade that allows this function to operate on other producers is going to be launched soon.

* According to your need and also the drive condition, you are able to define within the software the access mode from the Data Compass: You are able to optimize the read performance to image carefully and intelligence, using as couple of passes as you possibly can to obtain the most data or optimize the read speed to image with fast skip in order to save time.

* Stop and continue imaging when needed - configuration information along with the map of excellentOrpoorOrnatural industries are saved around the destination drive, so if you stop you've got the read permit to every imaged sector. Shadow Disk may also record each sector you effectively read in the source drive throughout the imaging process. There's not a way you'd lose what you have done.

* Real-time monitor, buzzer and LEDs provide you with a obvious feedback of the present imaging.

* Open Frame design allows you to definitely define any type of file system recovery software you understand to utilize Data Compass, making your projects much simpler and much more efficient, specifically for individuals professionals who've been doing file system recovery for several years and their very own favorite software.

* We give total control of imaging parameters: passes scripts configuration, read timeouts, retry attempts, bad sector retrieval (Error Correction Code (ECC) processing), selectable read instructions (PIO or UDMA), and error-dependent imaging formula according to UNC/AMNF/IDNF/ABRT bad industries or read/ready timeouts.

* Wise pass feature: following a bad sector skip completed through the software, rather than reading through forward directly,, the program reads backward until another bad sector is located. This allows that you will get probably the most user data by exactly skip unhealthy media only.

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