Windows Partition Recovery Software To Prevent Data Loss Caused By Improper Partition Resizing

Windows Partition Recovery Software To Prevent Data Loss Caused By Improper Partition Resizing

Home windows 7 features a handy utility 'Disk Management' that enables easy diminishing and growing of hard disk drive partitions based on the user needs. You are able to perform a quantity of disk related tasks quite effectively the whole time by using this comprehensive tool. You can use it for disk initialization, creating new partitions, formatting the present partitions with any Home windows supported file system. Sometimes improper resizing of partitions could be harmful for your file system and could cause severe loss of data on your pc. Such situations, you have to choose partition recovery via a reliable third-party utility.

Allows think about a practical scenario in which you use a Home windows 7-based computer. You've two partitions in your system hard disk drive. You apply the Home windows 7 Disk Management to contract one partition by a few amount and extend another through the same size. When you reboot the body and then try to connect to the extended partition, you might encounter the next error message:

: isn't accessible

The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.


Resizing partition has most likely broken the partition table or led to corrupt file system structures.

This could result in the partition inaccessible and as a result, you can lose all of the valuable partition data. An up-to-date backup is helpful to recuperate any lost or inaccessible data such conditions. When the backup isn't available, gradually alter recover partition by using the below given steps.


Attempt to resolve the above mentioned error by using these steps-

Gradually alter repair the corrupt file system by running the chkdsk command with /f switch. To do this, follow this process-

Visit 'Start' and click on 'Run'

Now, run the chkdsk command by typing

'chkdsk /f '

Here, the drive title should exactly match the main one showing up within the error message

Click 'OK'

Note: It's advised that you ought to have a full system backup before you run this utility to prevent data loss instance.

When the problem still continues, you need to take assistance of a competent partition recovery software

to recuperate back all of the lost or inaccessible data in the corrupt partition. These software enforce effective calculations to extensively scan the corrupt drive and save all of the retrieved data to some user-specified location within the system.

Stellar Phoenix Home windows File Recovery is really a proficient file recovery tool that rebounds lost, erased, or formatted data from Body fat, NTFS, and exFAT file system-based partitions. It offers an element to produce a precise clone from the hard disk. It may perform Home windows partition recovery by using this clone.

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